Play your cards right Casino Game


The mention of Play Your Cards Right brings back to memory the classic television program where players would win cash by making correct guesses on whether the next card draw would be of a higher or a lower value.

Play your cards right Casino Game – How to Play

The Play your cards right casino game is now one of the popular poker games and it still offer the player with a chance to win real cash. The concept hasn’t deviated much from the original television show but it has been adjusted to suit the online casino experience.
Play your cards right game previewPlay your cards right game preview

In order for you to start this game, you will have to initiate the deal so that the dealer can turn over the first card. Once you see the first card, you duty will be to make the correct guess on whether the next card drawn will be of a higher or a lower value. You will win cash each you guess correctly on the next value of the card.

With every round, there are odds on offer for the various cards. With the offers, the rule of thumb is that there are higher chances that you will win more money if the bets are less likely. Again, you will be awarded with a cash bonus each and every time you complete a line of cards. It is therefore advisable that you push your luck as far as it can possibly allow you to do so.

In normal poker games, drawing a similar pair of cards in a row is allowed but with the Play Your Cards Right game, you will lose your hand if this happens. Also, if you manage to get make three consecutive guesses correctly, you will be promoted to the next level of cards where you will have a chance to swipe a card in case you don’t like it. The minimum amounts that can be played are £1 and £10 respectively.



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