Lucky Draw Poker Casino Game


If you have had any experience in the past playing the wargerworks version of the Lucky Draw Casino, then you will know that this game gives you the chance to win up to 4000 coins. 4000 is indeed an incredible amount of money to win for porker.

Lucky Draw Casino Game – How to Play

Lucky Draw Casino game is essentially a five card draw porker game. It has special payouts with four distinct cards featuring Twos, Aces, Fours and Threes.

Players in Lucky Draw Casino can choose to play between one and four hands. In each case, every card held will be used for playing whenever the replacement cards appear. During the game, gunshots will be heard to signify to the player that they have received winnings in one or more of their hands.

The use of gunshots is subtle way of making the porker game to be so easy since you can even play with both eyes closed and still know when you have won. All you have to do is to use your ears to tell you when the shots fire.

Lucky Draw game previewLucky Draw game preview

Wagering in Lucky Draw

The wagering in Lucky Draw Casino is nothing to be shy about. If anything isn’t it wagering that makes playing porker and online slots to look appealing? With this particular game, players have a choice of one to four hands with each hand using one deck of cards shuffled after each and every play.

With the wagering capabilities, players can choose between 1 and 5 credits to play between 4 and 20 credits. With such a range, wagering to the maximum can lead to a win of jackpot of 4000 coins.

Therefore, get ready to embark on this exciting porker duel where you will not just enjoy the game but also have real chances of bagging the bonus.


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