Louisiana Double Casino Game


This is part of Microgaming’s range of video poker games. If you are used to their games, then you will recognize the layout and the graphics of the game almost immediately.

Just like the other normal poker games by the same developer, in the Louisiana Double Casino game, you will have to place your bet on action before you receive 5 cards to make up your hand. With every hand, you have just a single opportunity to do away with one or more cards so that you can improve that hand.

Louisiana Double Casino Game – How to Play

Louisiana Double Casino Game is slightly different from the traditional video poker games in the sense that it has a 53rd card as opposed to the standard deck of 52 cards.

The extra is the double card from which the game derives its name. This is not the joker and if it happens that your finished hand contains this card, then your payout will be doubled. However, it is important to remember that this card is not a wild and as such, it won’t be useful in five card hands like the straights and flushes.

But still, the extra card still helps in making the wins to be more appealing even with the presence of the gambling option that can lead to more wins.

Louisiana Double game previewLouisiana Double game preview

The concept behind Louisiana Double is a simple one yet it introduces an effective twist on the standard video poker. This is what makes it unique and players can now access it from a number of casinos across the world. It is however recommended that you play it only on the recommended casinos by the manufacturer.

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