Jacks or Better Double Up Casino Game


Jacks or Better Double Up features a fast game play, use of wild cards as well as high payouts. With these and many other upgrades to the game, it is expected that it will now offer a great experience to the players.

Jacks or Better Double Up Casino Game – How to Play

Jacks or Better Double Up Rules

The rules in Jacks or Better follow the conventional poker rules with regards to how hands are dealt with. It features the normal card pairs such as the queens, kings and aces. While playing the game, players have the privilege to automatically hold the cards that will be part of the winning hand and also to choose whether or not to play the Double Up gamble feature.

Features of Jacks or Better Double Up

Jacks or Better Double Up has an array of classic characteristics that blends together a number of poker combinations and high payouts. Perhaps one of the most notable features is the presence of the Double Up feature that gives players the capability to double their spoils after each and every win. With this feature, all the player needs to do is to guess correctly the color of the next card after they win in order to double their wins. This simple feature alone makes the game to be very exciting since it doesn’t involve a lot of processes for one to increase their cash.

Jacks or Better Double Up game previewJacks or Better Double Up game preview

High RTP Ratio

Rarely do we witness high Return to Player ratio with most of the video poker games. However the Jacks or Better Double up has a massive RTP of 99.56%. This is only an indication towards the popularity as well as the quality of this video poker. It should actually give you the reason to try it out if you have been skeptical about it. It will surely meet all your expectations.

Game Play
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